Sunday, February 01, 2004

When we listen to talk radio today, we are told repeatedly that “the media” is liberal and often unfair. As we listen we hear a wide range of things which, might lead us to conclude that anything we believe that doesn’t match what the talk show hosts are saying is incorrect.

Is there a possibility that by allowing concentrated media ownership, our nation has invited political control over the media and its listeners? In The Oregonian, February 1, 2004, Garrett Epps’ commentary, “Talk radio: It's time for more than right-wing hot air” clearly spells out the argument that the media is not only not liberal, it is conservative and just possibly conservative by intent.

What we need is balanced media that will provide us with what we need to make long-term plans and empower us to deal with people and issues. That way we can move ahead as a nation of freedom loving people rather than a workforce for a few who are very wealthy.

What do you think? Do we have balanced media? Do we have liberal media leading us down a road to self-destruction? Do we have conservative media creating a world where huge corporations are the primary beneficiaries of everything that makes the United States great?

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