Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Our entire body is constructed according to the DNA our bodies have to work with. We have different abilities to taste, smell, see, touch and all the other things that make us what we are. The quality of our hair and are brain is ours, which is a good thing.

The hard part in this situation is that when you see, touch, smell or build an idea in your head, you are using equipment that is unique to you. That means that when you’re talking to anyone about the taste of food or the color on the house your “world view” will be different from his or hers.

Out of these differences grows conflict. We’re all taught to avoid conflict whenever possible. The fact is, we cannot avoid conflict. We are different and those differences cause conflict. Since we cannot avoid conflict, we must spend much of our time creating methods that will allow us to resolve conflict in appropriate ways.

Much of our communication must be devoted to the resolution of conflict, or we will suffer unnecessarily in life. Peace is something that seems to be a worthy universal goal, Perhaps we should combine the two concepts and recognize that peace may be the sustained satisfactory resolution of conflict.

What do you think?

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