Sunday, February 15, 2004

“Freedom of speech does not give someone—anyone—the right to bust into your home to exercise it.” A well stated thought from Pseudo news, sordid culture in the Commentary section of Sunday’s Oregonian. The author, Stephen Kline, goes on to say that, “Buying a fax machine or a computer does not constitute a tacit or implied invitation to anyone to badger, harass, sell or promote.”

Just because some publicity agent somewhere hits on the idea of using the Super Bowl for a “coming out” party for Janet Jackson trying to reestablish her career doesn’t mean anyone should be surprised by unwanted actions. Shouldn’t our culture contain enough “expectations” to make it unnecessary to have our courts create rules to govern inappropriate behavior?

Cynthia-Lou Coleman, in her related article, also in the Sunday Oregonian, points out that, “The problem is, fake news over time becomes more interesting than the bland unfolding of reality.” How do we train ourselves, let alone our children, that they should depend on the media to keep them informed so that they can cast votes of value to positive growth in our nation?

Again we must ask the question, “What is there that we can do?” “Is there anything that can be done other than pass laws that prohibit what culture used to control?” “Are we a sinking ship with no way to save ourselves?”

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