Thursday, February 19, 2004

If we assume that everyone is different from everyone else because of DNA and our place in time and space, then it would seem natural that conflict is inevitable. If we add to that a natural tendency to seek out information that is substantially in agreement with our current positions in life, such as those who are interested in automobiles subscribing to automotive publications and visiting auto shows, then conflict is not only inevitable but also natural.

Add the cultural orientation given to our population by parents primarily, which defines the lives of their children. For example, men are supposed to be assertive, take-charge people who appreciate clear lines of difference between the sexes while keeping their emotions “under control.” Women are to be peacemakers and produce harmony whenever possible.

If in general parents across the land agree that taking care of yourself and making something of yourself are important components of success and that the individual is more important than the group, conflict becomes inevitable, natural and a way of life.

If all of that is true, or even close to it, what should we be doing to fix the problem? Is there anything we can do? Where do we begin? How long will it take?

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