Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Do You Think You Are?

A question we must ask ourselves over and over again.  The reason is simple: we are constantly changing and growing.  What we used to think of ourselves is no longer appropriate in many areas. 

For example, when we were younger we used to play with our food.  Very seldom do you see adults in a restaurants playing with their food.  They have changed.  They no longer think of food as something to play with. 

We must take the time to reexamine ourselves on a regular basis to note and remember the changes that have become part of us.  Once we have a good handle on who we think we are, its a good idea to check with others that we know and trust to see if we have a handle on who we really are.

As we grow we will discover that certain things we used to believe are no longer as important as we used to think.  That applies to all our attitudes, beliefs and values.  That probably means that our behaviors will also be changing.  That is a very good thing.  What we used to think was funny doesn't seem nearly as funny today.  What we thought of as a great meal may no longer meet what we know we should be eating.  Things change. . .we change, and we have to keep track

The reason is simple: we are now empowered to say and do things that we were unable to do or say a short time ago.  We are also able to say things now that just a short time ago we wouldn't have said and had we tried, those around us wouldn't have paid any attention.

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