Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Assure Success

Since we are all different from each other, because we need one another it is imperative that we find a way to remain forever wrapped in our own skins but still able to accomplish great things together.  To do that you need to know as much about yourself and others as possible within your time constraints.  The greater the common experiences, including education, the greater the chances that we will be able to resolve the inevitable conflicts thus giving each other the best chance to achieve their goals.

Keep in mind that you are human and it will be impossible not to make premature judgements . . . just don't act on them.  Acquire more data (listen). Be certain you have done your best to understand the other person and then taking into consideration who they are, who they think they are, who you are and who you think you are, adapt your communication to the situation.  Useful questions which do not appear to be judgmental will be useful, such as: "By that did you mean. . .?" Following these simple ideas you should find that things should be much smoother.

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