Monday, October 10, 2011


Communication Goals: Work at the pay of our choice.

As we examine important goals in our lives I think it will become clear that we all want to . . .

1.  Live with the person of our choice.
2.  Live in the community of our choice.
3.  Work at the job of our choice.
4.  Work at the level of our choice.
5.  Work at the pay of our choice.

There are times that you feel at the mercy of the “system.”  There are times when you are at the mercy of the system.  But, a communication pattern that is well planned can be extremely valuable.  For example, if you really like what you do and where you live.  But, feeling pressure from family, bills and general attitudes toward your willingness to work for “peanuts” finally gets to you.  Your task becomes increasing the size of the “peanuts.” 

Like almost all successful communication campaigns, you must plan them.  Almost all of them take time to complete and that indicates that you must think about where you want to be and then how you are going to get there. 

Early on you must establish that you are the right person for the task and that you bring “real” value to your employers.  That can be indicated in a number of ways: 1) productivity, 2) problem solving, 3) willingness to step up at important times, 4) being an effective part of the your organization’s public relations image, etc.  These goals can be set into motion early in your relationship with your organization.  Remember, you can’t get hired if no one knows you exist.  Your value to the organization can’t be known unless you set into motion a plan that bring important information to your supervisor’s attention.

Having built the campaign and followed it over time, you will be in an excellent position to head in the direction of the pay of your choice.

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