Thursday, October 06, 2011


Communication Goals: Work at the level of our choice.

As we examine important goals in our lives I think it will become clear that we all want to . . .

1.  Live with the person of our choice.
2.  Live in the community of our choice.
3.  Work at the job of our choice.
4.  Work at the level of our choice.
5.  Work at the pay of our choice.

Work at the level of our choice.  It turns out that goal is hard to achieve.  We often hear it said that individuals don’t particularly like their jobs but it pays the bills and provides for great weekends.

Several pressures are brought to bear on us as we attempt to work at the level of our choice.  One of the first pressures is almost universal:  how much money can you make being . . . an artist, doctor, contractor, carpenter, and so on?  This question goes to the heart of employment choices for many of us.  For some, job satisfaction is more important than the pay.  For others, pay is more important than job satisfaction. 

If you decide to become a park ranger, those around you might feel that “you could do so much better” as a doctor.  The pressure can be terrible.  And it comes from all sides: you feel the responsibility to care for a family, potential mates are not certain they want to work at Chaco Cultural National Park or some other assigned place, parents see their success through your life and they may have another career in mind for you. 

As you recall, we are all different.  But, some feel that they are “called” to serve their fellow man doing something that is clearly obscure to everyone around them. As those who have been “called” try to make their career decision, the pressure from loved and trusted people can be overwhelming.  Ultimately, you are the one that is going to have to live with the choice.  You are the one that will be happy, or miserable in that career.

Again, to achieve your goal there needs to be a plan.  You need to decide what you want to do.  Then you need to communicate what your chosen goal is. The thrust of your communication will be to enlist the aid of others in reaching that goal.  But, the communication campaign you create will need to cover a fairly long period of time and be consistently used.

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