Sunday, February 19, 2012

What You'll Need To Know

One of the most feared things in life is to have to make a public address.  It isn't that we're stupid, it is instead that we don't want to make a mistake in public and have others think of us as stupid.  Even for those who speak to large groups on a regular basis, there is fear (stage fright.) What makes us concerned about the possibility that somehow we will be forced to speak in public. 

That's a fair assumption.  If you do your job well over time, you will be noticed.  If for any reason the boss cannot meet the public speaking appointment, then those under their control will have to make the speech on the corporation's behalf.  What I will discuss in the next few blogs is how we can not only survive these events, but thrive.

Most importantly, we will know that we won't be asked to speak in order to embarrass the boss and your corporation.  Put another way, if you are asked to speak it will be because they know you know the material to be presented.  If you know what to do with the data you already have, then together we can turn the event into a career enhancing performance.

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