Monday, February 13, 2012

Teams and Groups

When we stop to think about it, a great deal is accomplished when folk get together and work toward a common goal.  I'm certain we have that concept somewhere in our mind.  It's important that each person in the group be "on the same page." And it is important that each person is aware of the fact that they belong to something. 

"Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!" It isn't known who first said this, and it applies to group activities as well as team efforts.  What is often overlooked is "those groups/teams do best that have the best communication skills.  As a consequence, businesses are always on the lookout for employees that can work together with others and have excellent communication skills.  

Time spent improving out abilities in communication is really time well spent for us individually and for our entire community.  Those skills should be put to use all the time so that we can achieve things together that individually would be beyond our reach.

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