Friday, September 30, 2011


If we are to be effective citizens, how are we to be able to do that under our present circumstances?

We have discussed the lack of easy access to necessary news to make it possible for us to inform ourselves.  Without an informed electorate our way of life is in danger.  Recently, in an interview with Ted Koppel, a well-known TV newsperson, underlines the danger that the current system in the USA has created for us all.  Our media now provides profits for owners by providing us with what we want to know and see.  Nobody is in the business of providing us with what we need to know.  That leaves the task up to us individually.

Take a few minutes to look at and listen to what Koppel has to say about the situation.  Listening and watching isn’t something we do to make us feel safer or better.  It is something we do to inform ourselves so that we can become part of the solution to this huge problem.


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