Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Things Done Together

There are many things that we can and should do by ourselves. But, much of today's chores are best done by groups of people. In sports, a fully cooperative team with talented players often leads to a winning combination. In business a group of associates that are cooperatively working toward a shared goal often leads to winning.

Anything we can learn that will improve the chances that we will be effective team/group members should be used. Organizations of all kinds are looking for people who can turn their average groups into winning groups. Your contributions in this area will aid you in getting the job, and maintaining it. Group participation has become one of the most effective tools of the business community. More can be accomplished by an effective group than an individual can accomplish alone. “Many hands make light work," John Heywood wrote in the 1500's. It isn't a new idea, but it has become important once again.

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