Thursday, April 28, 2011

Follow the Data

I am impressed again by the signal sent to the world by news media. For the past couple of weeks an increasing amount of time has been spent in the "news" reporting on the "birther" issue. A recent New York Times editorial talks about the "embarassment." The reports didn't repeat the knowledge that has always been available, that President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii.

More recently the impending royal wedding in London has become the focus. In a world impacted by unwise and illegal activities involving money, with wars being waged, storms tearing us apart, a huge recession and an important budget, we read, see and hear about the London wedding. Interesting and fun to watch, hear and read about. But when our news gathering agencies devote an inordinate amount of time and energy on this topic you can't help but notice. The emphasis is not on "informing the public" but instead in creating and maintaining the largest possible audience for purposes of profit.

Profits have been winning now for several years. Information is what is needed. That leaves us providing for ourselves in information. We have access to plenty of entertainment.

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