Monday, April 07, 2008

A Two-Way Street

Communication is a two-way street and our goal should be to make maximum use of communication. When we feel better (increased self-esteem) because of something said to us we need to be ready to help those around us with how they feel (increased self-esteem). As we must admit, we find out about who we are from those we travel with. That is the reason we should change our friends as soon as we realize that those “friends” are not committed to positively building you into what you can be.

It is only reasonable that we in turn search for and take advantage of every opportunity to build our friends up. Not to be confused with saying things that aren’t true in an effort to build them in the direction we would like. It has got to be a really evil person about which you can find nothing good to say. Travel with good people and make them better because they are traveling with you. You will be building a relationship that should last a lifetime. You will be better than you could have been without them and so will they.

Relationships are ever so much more than “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” It is very likely the most important work you will do during your life.

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