Monday, November 22, 2004

A Nation Divided

Seldom have we lived in a nation so divided. We had hoped that President Bush would be able to pull us together, but since he has taken office, with the exception of the 9/11 period the division has grown. During the election there was little or no contact between sides on the issues. Instead, we had televised speeches being made to audiences that already agreed among themselves and with the speaker.

What we have lacked in our politics we need to restore to our society: free and open discussion of issues that face us all. When have we ever noticed that a couple, for example, has grown closer because they didn't speak to each other about the issues that divide them? Not discussing issues between us will likely lead to suspision and mistrust. As a nation we are now seeing deep suspisions and mistrust. The buzz on the internet is constantly commenting and speculating about the evils the other side has committed.

The issues that face this nation, faces us all. We will either solve them together of continue to drift apart. Encourage discussion and debate in your own circles of influence. When there is disagreement think of it as an opportunity to grow towards common goals. Keep in mind, conflict is normal in humans. The resolution of the conflict is the progress we make in our lives.

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