Friday, November 12, 2004

". . .The Enemy Is Us"

There's much that's good about the United States. One of the things that made this country great is the citizen's willingness and ability to discuss/debate topics of interest to all our communities. There seems to be a growing feeling that in order to avoid conflict, we should avoid discussing/debating the issues of the day, especially when that involves politics. We need to continue this honored routine in our lives. We must use all devices available to improve our views of both the problems and the possible solutions. We can't do it by ourselves, we need each other.

The methods being used in politics today reduce very complicated issues to slogans. Then both sides imply that there is something basically wrong with you, and all your friends, if you don't agree with the slogans. We must insist that the slogans be fleshed out, made clear and applied in discussion. We must all understand what is going on and we must let others know if we think we see a better solution. This method made this country great. We must continue or we will lose or damage our ability to self-govern. Don't make decisions based on unnecessarily limited data and broaden your base of research and discussion, always seeking a broader understanding of the topic at hand.

How can it be that more than 70% of our population indicates that they believe that there are/were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that there was a direct pre-war relationship between Al Quada and Iraq. And yet, where is the data that backs up that belief? We cannot afford the luxury of being swayed by anything other than available data. Then we must use that data to guide our discussions/debates as we attempt to govern ourselves.

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