Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Communication and Jobs

Most of us have heard about networking, contacting people, and getting hired. Let's add one more dimension to that idea of networking. When people hire, they would prefer to hire people that they know. The closer they can come to knowing the person the more likely they will hire them.

Clearly one of the jobs for each of us then is to get out and meet new people. Never stop getting to know people. The more folk that know you and want to help you out, the more likely that they will contact someone who is looking for a new employee. It is clear that for many of us we will be stepping out of our comfort zone in order to accomplish the task.

Remember, if the person doing the hiring does not already know you, be certain that they know somebody that does know you. Adding one last thought for now, be certain that if a resume is required that it is more like a sales presentation than an obituary. Include the accomplishments and goals you have and tie those to the business to which you are applying.

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