Friday, May 28, 2004

What’s Happened To Our News?

There has been increasing concern about the effectiveness of the media and news coverage. Now the press has joined the concerned group. That’s good. Paul Krugman reviews some ideas that really deserve our attention.

“People who get their news by skimming the front page, or by watching TV, must be feeling confused by the sudden change in Mr. Bush's character. For more than two years after 9/11, he was a straight shooter, all moral clarity and righteousness.” Krugman points out that, “After 9/11 much of the press seemed to reach a collective decision that it was necessary, in the interests of national unity, to suppress criticism of the commander in chief.”

You may not agree with Krugman’s view of the president, but it is hard to escape the changes we’re seeing in the media and their impact on our ability to think effectively about the problems this country faces today.

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