Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Our parents are our first and most effective teachers in most areas, but in communications and culture they are most powerful. If you had an easy time of the English classes in school, in large part it is your parents you need to thank. All your teachers had to do for you was to underscore what you already knew. You learned it without very much apparent traditional instruction. You picked it up through observation and interaction. Much of the instruction was non-verbal.

Later in life, the chances are much increased that you will be able to live with the person of your choice, live in the community of your choice and work at the job of your choice, if you have effective communication skills. A gift of huge value we give our children.

Human Resource Departments are increasingly looking for employees who communicate well. In fact, the person with effective communications skills will often get the job over others who, on paper, appear to be better prepared. The gift of communication skills gives our children an increased opportunity to reach their goals in life.

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